Joshua & Tiffany: One Day of Capturing Love

There’s always a first time for everything. The first time that I told you about my PhotoClub outing. The first time that my noodle review was featured. And, the first time that I was hired for capturing love.

I was hired for a one-day photoshoot by two of my good friends, Joshua & Tiffany. We started by hiking Mount Faber, taking a cable car to Sentosa, and ended the day in Orchard.

Mount Faber: Capturing Love in All the Humid Places

We were able to take the cable car to Sentosa island from either Mount Faber or HarbourFront station; the latter was much more convenient as it’s located just next to the HarbourFront MRT. However, we decided to embrace the humidity of Mount Faber for the sake of capturing nice photos adventure.

Joshua & Tiffany, hiking Mount Faber.

Supporting each other.


Joshua & Tiffany, halfway to Mount Faber.

Taking a short break, halfway to the cable car station.


Joshua & Tiffany at Mount Faber.

We’ve reached the peak!


Joshua & Tiffany at Mount Faber.

One of my favourite photos of the day.


Joshua & Tiffany with cable car in the background.

We’re going to ride on one of those cable cars!


Joshua & Tiffany under the Bell of Happiness, Mount Faber.

Happiness is taking a photo under the Bell of Happiness #thankfulinSG.

Singapore Cable Car: Capturing Love in the Sky

There were so many reasons to be thankful on that day. We managed to get an entire carriage for most of the time. The weather was quite cloudy so it wasn’t that hot. And, I rode for free as a photographer 😁.


Capturing love on the cable car.

The first and the only formal photo that was taken on the cable car.


Joshua & Tiffany on the cable car.

I still don’t know what Joshua was thinking…


Joshua & Tiffany on the cable car with Sentosa Island on the background.

Is that Adventure Cove in the background?


Joshua & Tiffany on the cable car.

Can anyone guess what they’re looking at?


Joshua laughing on the cable car.

So happy.


Joshua & Tiffany with Siloso Beach in the background.

Siloso Beach with Joshua & Tiffany.


Siloso Beach.

Siloso Beach without Joshua & Tiffany.

Siloso Beach: Capturing Love and Candidness

I believe that this section was the highlight of the day. Perhaps, the photos are indeed good. Perhaps, the emotions were indeed candid. Or, perhaps I was simply biased since my favourite colour is ocean blue.

Joshua & Tiffany at Siloso Beach.

Ocean blue is indeed cute, isn’t it?


Joshua & Tiffany laughing at Siloso Beach.

So candid. So happy.


Joshua & Tiffany at Siloso Beach.

Playing Pokemon Sun & Moon.


Joshua & Tiffany at a bridge.

Another one of my favourite photos of the day.


Joshua & Tiffany at Siloso Beach.

Another candid moment.


Orchard Road: Capturing Love at Atas Places

We ended the day by going to two atas places: high tea at TWG Ngee Ann City and dinner at Saveur Art Ion Orchard. And, guess what? All for free 🎉.

Joshua at TWG.

Acting atas at an atas place.



Cake, scones, and muffins at TWG.

Cake, scones, and muffins.


Quill at Saveur Art.

We were initially disappointed that Saveur didn’t serve duck confit on that day. However, the quill (which was a substitute menu) was surprisingly good.


Free lunch, cable car rides, high tea, and French dinner; those are very good reasons to be thankful. Nevertheless, I believe that the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with this lovely couple and share my passion for photography are the main reasons that I should be thankful of.


All in all, it’s another day to be #thankfulinSG.