Gold Coast Road Trip – Day 1

Panoramic view of Pacific Ocean from Bouddi National Park

Pacific Ocean, Bouddi National Park

March 28th, 2016. #thankfulinoz

I woke up with excitement and thankfulness as I was going to embark on a 7-days, 1000+ km road trip from Sydney to Brisbane along the Legendary Pacific Coast. It’s a dream came true; I had started planning for this road trip since July 2015.

This road trip was full of pleasant surprises. We didn’t have any plans for our lunch but managed to find a nice cafe using Zomato. The food was good, the price wasn’t expensive, but it was the atmosphere that made my day: a remote, peaceful, non-touristy surfing beach.

Non-touristy surfing beach

The view from our cafe

Ham Burger

Not bad for 10 bucks. Seriously.

Beef Burger

I opted for a “safe” lunch: beef burger. What could go wrong with a beef burger?

With full bellies, we resumed our journey to our first photo spot: Bouddi National Park. However, as we entered the park, we encountered groups of exhausted people who said that they never reached the cliffs after hours of walking and decided to turn back. We were discouraged and pondered if we should just skip to the next place. Fortunately, we decided to try our best and our pain didn’t go in vain. Not only the cliffs were worth it, the national park itself was amazing.

A beautiful stairway in Bouddi National Park

Into the Wonderland, Bouddi National Park

Pacific Ocean from Bouddi National Park

Pacific Ocean, Bouddi National Park

Our last photo spot for the day was the Terrigal Beach. I managed to take some nice pictures 🙂

Flying birds at Terrigal Beach

My first non-blurry photo of flying birds!

A bird walking at Terrigal Beach

Walking pridefully. Who cares about the waves?

A seagull at Terrigal Beach

And, the photo that made my day! Thank you seagull!

From Terrigal Beach, we continued our journey to our motel in Port Stephens. After checking in, we went out for dinner. However, on that night, I made a terrible mistake that I won’t ever forget.


I forgot to take pictures of our dinner. 😱

We were famished but it shouldn’t have been a justification 😰. It was a really nice Thai restaurant. The name’s Pod Thai; the food was good and the price was reasonable ($16 per person). I really recommend it should you visit Port Stephens.

On the second day, we went dolphin watching and sand boarding.

Oh, how did I know that it’s a seagull instead of a pigeon? I couldn’t find a good caption for the picture, so I asked around, “do you have any good caption for this pigeon?”