Black Star Pastry

Worth visiting 3 times.

It’s only¬†1 more month before the end of my exchange program ūüė≠ and I’ve only posted 1 article. One of my good friends from Singapore even complained on why I ‘never’ update my website. So, here it is.


I consider myself as a conscientious, organized person: I’ve started planning my road trips and contacted my best buddies who are studying in Australia¬†8 months before embarking on my exchange.¬†And, one of them, who happens to be a foodie, recommended me the¬†Black Star Pastry. He told me again and again and again that Black Star’s Strawberry Watermelon Cake is a must-try.

So, I visited 3 different branches on 3 separate occasions.

LOLLL are you serious? 3 times? Рmy best friend who recommended me Black Star Pastry

Yes, I am dead serious.

On April 30th 2016, I visited Black Star for the first time. It was early in the morning, around 9 am. It was drizzling, the wind was cold. I visited the Powerhouse Museum branch. I was so excited, only to find that the Black Star Pastry has been replaced by another cafe just one month before.

I didn’t give up; I gave¬†it another shot on the following Sunday. This time, I visited the Rosebery branch around 3 pm. But, God had another plan: the Watermelon Cake was sold out.¬†At this point, I began to wonder whether there is something wrong or not. Why¬†it is so hard to buy a simple Watermelon Cake? Have¬†I been predestined not to have¬†it?

Nevertheless, I am not a quitter. So, I tried again last Saturday at the George Street branch. And, my prayer was answered:

Strawberry Watermelon Cake, Black Star Pastry.

Strawberry Watermelon Cake, Black Star Pastry

Not only it is worth my 7.5 bucks. It worth visiting 3 times.


Business Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 10am – 7pm
Thursday 10am – 9pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm