Enjoy Mee

It’s one more reason to be thankful. #thankfulinoz

Before embarking on my student exchange program to Sydney, Australia, my friends from my Christian fellowship in Singapore have prepared a nice “bon voyage” card for me. (Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!) Here are some of their wishes:

Are there any noodles in Aussie? Hehehe

Don’t forget to promote noodles there

There aren’t many noodles in Aussie – they are not really known for their noodles :(((

In fact, I have 8 friends who talked about noodle in their wishes. Being a good friend, I don’t want to disappoint them; I must find a nice noodle place in OZ.

Quoting “chance favours the prepared mind”, I found this gem just on my 2nd day in Sydney:

Enjoy Mee

Enjoy Mee: chicken noodle with fried wontons

It’s an AUTHENTIC INDONESIAN NOODLE. And, do you know what’s even better? It’s only 10 minutes walk from my apartment!

The noodle has a soft yet chewy texture; I believe this appeals to a large number of Indonesians. It has sweet chicken cube for its topping. The soup, wontons, and meatballs are just nice. Heck, even one of my friends prefers this to Bakmi Alok (for me, Alok is always my favourite).

I can’t blame them tho. Enjoy Mee is just, well, enjoyable. Its quality is consistent unlike You&Mee in Novena, Singapore. Priced at $9 with Sydney’s generous portion, it is relatively cheap compared to other nearby options. And, if you’re a member of PPIA NSW (the Indonesian students society), you are entitled to $1 discount for mains. (the promo has ended 😢)

It’s simple, consistent, and enjoyable. It’s one more reason to be thankful. #thankfulinoz



Chicken Noodle $9
Chicken Noodle w/ Mushrooms $10
Fried Wonton $1.5 per piece, $4 per 4 pieces
Fried Meatball $2.5

Business Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11am-3pm 5pm-9pm
Saturday, Sunday 11am-3pm 5pm-9pm